Catch the no-code automation wave.

Intelligent automation apps, ready in days

Maximize operational efficiency, accelerate growth, drive consistently great customer experience

Continuity-Z: apps to tackle Covid-19


Smarter Decisions + Faster Execution

No Code Workflows to quickly structure and unify processes.

AI Analytics to identify high impact areas of innovation.

Cognitive Automation to flawlessly execute projects.

Build Integrated, Impactful Collaboration Apps, in Days.

Low On Effort, High on Impact


Capture the steps your business process requires into Zvolv's intuitive GUI or simple templates. Zvolv gives you the power to define dependencies, approvals, structure data and documents shared during execution, metrics used to measure each step, check lists and more at a granular level. Pair all the knowledge and experience available across your organization to build processes that deliver peak performance. New product development, new outlets, new hires, one process or 15, whatever your need of the hour.


With a single click, Zvolv translates your processes and workflows into projects and tasks with built in forms, notifications, escalations and more. Knowledge and collaboration hubs, relevant dashboards and feeds for individuals and teams are automatically created. The Zvolv process optimizer helps identify areas of improvement. Try your Zvolv app in a matter of days, iterate until the solution is optimized to your needs.


Your Zvolv apps will drive execution across your process with virtualized mobile apps and web portals. It will prioritize between activities and ensure focussed collaboration through real time visibility, intelligent alerts and contextual access to information, documents and conversations relevant to roles and tasks. Data is now unified and structured, making it more useful. Zvolv empowers your team by making work exciting and meaningful.


Zvolv couples the scale of well defined processes with the agility of quick changes. Make your Zvolv apps intelligent and more impactful by configuring automation bots to tackle repetitive or error-prone tasks, configure the AI Analytics driven dashboards to derive insights on high impact opportunities for improvement. Your apps now evolve as fast as your business.

The Zvolv Advantage

Amplifying Individual Impact, Empowering Decision Making


Zvolv eliminates waste in the form of unnecessary meetings, chaotic collaboration, unpredictable dependencies and lack of accountability. Zvolv combines real-time collaboration and visibility, distributed project, task, resource, data and document management into a unified mobile-first work management solution.


Too little information is bad, too much is worse. Zvolv's Contextual Knowledge Hub provides just the right amount of information by task and role when it's needed, where it's needed. Zvolv's Cognitive Automation prioritizes, streamlines and speeds-up processes - freeing up bandwidth for higher value work.


The truth in business is that once a bottleneck is addressed another one takes its place. Zvolv's AI driven Process Optimization and Analytics Engine continuously identifies the current weakest link and the Nocode Workflow Platform enables you to keep innovating fast. Zvolv Apps evolve with your business needs.

Platform Features

Build, Integrate and Deploy your App in Days. And Keep Evolving.

Structured workflows

No-code. No-developers.

Cognitive Automation Bots

Rapid development. Seemless integrations.

Task and Resource Management

Feature rich. Predictive.

AI Driven Dashboards

Learning algorithms. Customizable.

Data Management

Secure. Scalable. Structured.

Distributed Project Management

Real Time. Configurable templates.

Document Management

Smart search. Contextual access.

Business Process Management

Intuitive capture. Process optimizer.

Mobile Collaboration

Virtualized. Secure. Real-time.

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